THINK BIG, DREAM BIG, BELIEVE BIG and the results will be BIG

They say an idea is nothing, without execution. We may have a lot of smart ideas but if we keep them to ourselves, they will remain as simple thoughts and it won’t make any remarkable impact.

To let your idea jump from being a simple thought to a revolutionary project that impacts hundreds or maybe thousands of people you have to bring it to the right place. Where it can be heard, improved, executed and EMPOWERED!

One of the programs that can be a plot twist stage in your life is a Tunisian program, called Open Startup Tunisia.

It is a Startup Competition in partnership with Columbia Engineering and Business School to support Tunisian youth eager to open up to the world and thrive. It brings together students from different disciplines, across universities and regions and boosts their innovation and team work skills to solve global problems.

It’s all started with a 2 days bootcamp, where the students get to know each other thanks to the icebreaking and networking sessions.

They asked us either to share an amazing idea so people without ideas can join us. Or to show our technical skills, so that people with ideas would want us in their teams.

And that, was the birth moment of Attach-killa Team. A group of 5 persons with different skills but with the same mind set. Our idea was to build a portable light weight device designed to provide electricity for the world’s most energy impoverished countries. It’s not just an idea; it’s an existing fully functioning prototype that is able to charge a phone, light a lamp and for other electronic gadgets. It benefits from the heat of wasted fire and it converts it into electricity in a matter of seconds. It’s based on the Stirling type of engines and it converts the heat into a mechanical power then transforms it into electricity.

We called our product InstaPower


Discover our product on social media and don’t hesitate to ask questions 😉


Because we believe that together we can be change makers!